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Colorado workers’ compensation benefit limits and maximums update

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2012 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Colorado workers who are concerned about workplace safety may be interested to know that Colorado has released new rate maximums for certain benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are invaluable for workers who are injured on the job. Any type of injury that causes an individual to lose wages or incur medical expenses can be devastating for Colorado families.

According to the recent data released, July 1 marked the beginning of the updated rate maximums for workers’ compensation benefits. The report indicates that the maximum benefits for temporary partial disability, temporary total disability, and permanent total disability, as well as death benefits are $848.82 per week. To qualify for the maximum benefit, injured workers must make $1,273.23 per week in income. For disfigurement, one of the most challenging of injuries, the maximum benefit cap is $4,504. This number increases up to $9,007 for ‘extensive facial or body scars.’

Additionally, injuries resulting in burn scars or stumps left behind after a limb has been lost may qualify for the increased cap of $9,007. A scheduled injury has a compensation rate of $268.98 per week. Statutory caps are placed on temporary and partial disability benefits. The combined cap for temporary disability and partial disability benefit payments increased to $78,482. This increase is for injured workers with an impairment rating of 25 percent of the entire body or less, while the amount goes up to a combined cap of $156,962 for workers whose entire body impairment rating exceeds 25 percent.

These adjusted rates may be important for workers who work in dangerous environments, as well as workers who have been injured who may qualify for a benefit adjustment. Workers’ compensation is available to protect workers and their families in the event of an accident which causes injury or death. Navigating the paperwork and processes of a workers’ compensation claim alone may be intimidating. Colorado workers and their families may benefit from knowing that help is available should they need it and that the process does not need to be conquered alone.

Source: RiskandInsurance.com, “Colorado: Division spells out maximum rates for certain benefits,” June 28, 2012

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