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Workers’ compensation organization to offer support/services

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2012 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

If you have been injured on the job dealing with that injury involves a variety of variables, including doctors, lawyers, insurance agencies, your employer and your family members. Due to the many variables involved in workers’ compensation cases, a new national organization called the Workers’ Compensation Institute has been launched to aid in the education and support for all parties involved. Colorado workers may be interested to know that the WCI has so far created a website full of information and helpful links for all parties, and offers interaction and community building features as well.

The WCI will work with the annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, which includes educational training exhibits, networking and sharing of ideas and information. The WCEC traditionally brings in 8,000 individuals from 35 states who are interested in its educational and networking benefits. The conference is in its 67th year and continues to see a pattern of success.

Workers’ compensation claims may not be easy to navigate through; however, the proper level of support and education may make the process significantly easier. Colorado workers and professionals in the workers’ compensation field may find the support and services available through WCI helpful before or after an injury. The website is designed with state specific information included so navigating through various topics is easy, and the material is likely helpful for workers with comp claim issues.

An on the job accident can occur in any industry, at any time, so understanding one’s rights and the options that are available under the workers’ compensation program can be crucial in a time of need for both employers and employees. The federal Workers’ Compensation program is specifically designed to assist all parties to address work related injuries and to ensure fair and equitable outcomes after a work-related injury has occurred.

Source: Claims Journal, “New National Workers’ Compensation Organization Formed,” May 29, 2012

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