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April 2012 Archives

Colorado man killed in forklift accident

Although a workplace accident can happen in any work environment, ranging from an office cubicle to a construction site, they may be especially common in factories and where there is a lot of moving equipment. Unfortunately, industrial equipment increases the risk of injury to employees. When a person is injured at the workplace, though, they may be eligible to collect workers' compensation.

Younger workers may qualify for workers' compensation too

Workplace injuries can happen to anyone regardless of age. Even young people may take a job where there is the potential for an accident that could cause them minor or even serious injury. Fortunately, workers' compensation may be available in some cases so that the young employee is not left to cover the medical expenses.

Health care facility employees apply for workers' compensation

Injuries in the workplace often happen due to defective equipment or to some type of accident causing direct personal injury, but this is not always the case. Recently, a number of employees at a Colorado health care center have filed workers' compensation claims against their employer. They are alleging that mold in the building is causing them to be ill.

Instructor may receive workers' compensation in skydiving tragedy

A skydiving accident claimed the life of a student skydiver and left the instructor with serious injuries. As the accident happened on the job, the instructor may be able to receive workers' compensation benefits. The family of the student skydiver, whose loss must be sorely felt, may also be able to receive compensation through a civil suit. At this time, the accident remains under investigation.