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Colorado man killed in workplace accident

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2012 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation

Depending upon the nature of the employment, workplace accidents can be devastating and even fatal in some cases. Workers’ compensation benefits may be available to the families of deceased victims, and the benefits may be able to assist them with funeral costs and other expenses. Unfortunately, that may be of little consolation to the family of a 56-year-old employee who recently perished in a workplace accident.

The Colorado man, who was employed by Kelley Bean Co., was killed on the morning of March 15 after he was crushed to death by pinto beans. The man was working inside a warehouse where the beans were brought in by way of an overhead conveyer. However, it appears that the conveyer broke down as the man was crushed under a pile estimated to be 15 feet high.

Although 55 people assisted in a rescue effort, it took an hour to dig the man out from the pile, by which time he had tragically passed away. The Morgan County Coroner’s Office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are now conducting an investigation into the accident. The Colorado man’s employer is also assisting with that investigation.

Workplace accidents resulting in death are fortunately rare, but when they happen, the victim’s family may not only face immense emotional suffering but also tremendous financial hardship. In this case, applying for workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help the family with their funeral expenses and with covering the lost wages of the victim.

Source: My FOX Phoenix, “Warehouse Worker Crushed to Death by 15-Foot Pile of Pinto Beans,” March 16, 2012

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