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Posts tagged "workplace accidents"

Workplace injury: 1 dead after becoming trapped under dump truck

Many individuals in Colorado and across the country are required to work in close proximity to heavy duty vehicles in a variety of professions. With the inherent size and weight of such a vehicle, it could pose a significant threat to the health of those nearby. A 57-year-old man has suffered a fatal workplace injury in another state after he was trapped underneath the tires of a dump truck.

1 dead following slip-and-fall accident at power plant

Many businesses in Colorado and across the country put a great deal of effort into reducing the chances of an accident in the workplace. However, even with numerous safety precautions and procedures in place, preventing every incident could prove challenging, especially when employees are required to perform in and around unstable environments. A recent slip-and-fall accident at a job site in another state resulted in the death of a 36-year-old contractor.

Man suffers traumatic workplace injury on 5th floor of building

When an individual in Colorado or elsewhere is injured on the job, the response time for treatment could make a significant difference in the outcome of the situation. However, with many workers operating in areas that are difficult to reach, those who suffer a serious workplace injury may be forced to wait to receive care. A man in another state was recently injured on the fifth floor of a construction project, causing emergency responders to have difficulty extracting him from the building.

Roof collapse during demolition leads to fatal workplace injury

Certain fields of employment may be inherently more dangerous than others. Even with numerous safety procedures in place, employees in Colorado and elsewhere who work in demolition may face a certain level of risk on a daily basis. A man has recently suffered a fatal workplace injury after a roof caved in at the site of a scheduled demolition project in another state.

Falling stone causes worker to suffer fatal workplace injury

Some fields of employment may come with a certain level of risk, such as those that involve working in close proximity to heavy materials. Companies in Colorado and elsewhere that work with stone are required to train employees on proper safety procedures, but preventing every accident could be challenging. A 21-year-old man has recently suffered a fatal workplace injury after he was crushed by a slab of granite.

Training and focus may help reduce risk of occupational injuries

Companies in Colorado and various parts of the United States are constantly reviewing and revising safety procedures in an attempt to reduce the risks of workplace accidents. Occupational injuries are a serious concern for companies and employees alike. According to recent studies, the risk of accidents at work might be lessened by increasing awareness and focus, especially when performing manual labor.

Explosion leads to severe and fatal occupational injuries

Accidents in the workplace can have disastrous consequences for those involved, potentially leading to life-altering injuries, or worse. Individuals in Colorado who suffer occupational injuries often experience difficulty performing a variety of daily tasks, such as work or hobbies. With the potential loss of income involved, even if only a temporary situation, victims of a similar circumstance may often find themselves in need of financial assistance throughout recovery.

Seeking financial relief when injured at work in Colorado

While certain jobs may be inherently more dangerous than others, there are certain risk factors that might be present regardless of profession. These risks pose a threat to the health of countless individuals in Colorado and across the country. Those who wish to avoid being injured at work might wonder what types of accidents are more common than others, and learn about ways to reduce or prevent them from taking place.

Assistance in pursuing compensation for occupational injuries

There are countless circumstances in which a work-related accident can occur. Whether on account of the negligence of an employee or employer in Colorado, defective equipment or simply just an accident, each incident has the potential to cause serious injury. Occupational injuries can be severe, though in certain scenarios they could be completely avoidable if the proper precautions are taken.

Workplace injury proves fatal for man who was ran over by a semi

Tractor-trailers offer a variety of benefits to Colorado companies that are required to transport heavy loads. While these vehicles significantly reduce the difficulty of moving materials from site to site, the inherent size and weight of a semi can also pose a risk to anyone nearby. A man was recently run over by a semi in another state while performing maintenance on the vehicle, ultimately resulting in a fatal workplace injury.