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Workplace Injuries Archives

Can this app help avoid a heat-related workplace injury?

Even here in Colorado, the heat can get unbearable. If an individual works outdoors, he or she could suffer from a heat-related illness. One way that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health are working to help workers avoid this particular workplace injury is through the creation and update of a heat safety app for smartphones.

Extremitites plus machinery can equal serious workplace injury

The safety of employees should be one of the most important factors for companies in Colorado and across the country. Unfortunately, companies may often focus on production rates that can lead to overly demanding schedules for employees. An employee who performs tasks in a rush could be at a higher risk of suffering a serious workplace injury. A woman in another state has been hospitalized after a recent accident at work in which her hand was trapped in manufacturing equipment.

Firefighter suffers severe workplace injury in explosion

Firefighters across the country are often required to work in and around hazardous environments on a daily basis. A firefighter in Colorado is put through extensive training before entering the field in order to prepare for any possible risks. Unfortunately, though, accidents do occur. A recent job-related accident involving an explosion has caused a man in another state to suffer a severe workplace injury.

Man suffers fatal workplace injury after ground collapses

Construction workers often face many dangers out in the field. Before construction begins in Colorado, areas are evaluated in order to uncover and resolve any potential hazards. Unfortunately in some cases, not every safety risk is identified in the process. Unidentified risks are often the cause of many job-related accidents, some of which result in serious injury, or worse. A man in another state recently suffered a fatal workplace injury while on the construction site of a new home.

Falls can cause serious workplace injury in New Mexico

According to a recent study, falls from heights account for around 40 percent of work-related injuries. Many companies in Colorado are constantly updating safety procedures to reduce the risk of a workplace injury, but accidents continue to occur. These safety guidelines may be especially crucial in relation to job sites that require workers to operate at heights.

Hardships created by a fatal workplace injury in Colorado

Studies suggest that the amount of reported workplace injuries in certain states has slightly increased over the past year. Although companies in Colorado continue to improve safety procedures, accidents may still take place if these are not properly executed. Avoiding all accidents may be challenging, but following protocols may help reduce the risk of a repeat occurrence. Recently, a man suffered a fatal workplace injury at a recycling facility in another state.

Faulty safeguards may lead to workplace injury in Colorado

Many companies take steps to make the workplace a safer environment. Companies in Colorado are required to perform scheduled maintenance to ensure equipment is working properly, which may go a long way in preventing a workplace injury. If a company fails to maintain equipment resulting in the injury of an employee, it could be facing major penalties. Workers who are injured under similar circumstances often seek aide through the workers' compensation insurance system.

Workplace injury: New fall prevention rule effective next month

There are approximately seven million worksites across the country, including many in Colorado, where the frequency of fall accidents will hopefully decrease after new safety standards to address fall prevention become effective on Jan. 17. The new rule aims to bring the fall prevention regulations up to date for all the industries in which fall hazards exist. The most significant change to the existing rule is that -- after Jan. 17 -- companies can choose the most appropriate fall protection methods for their particular industries. They may choose from several systems prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to prevent fall-related workplace injury.

Explosion causes 5 oil field workers to be injured on the job

Employees in oil fields in Colorado and other states face various risks whenever they are on site. Employers in all industries must provide safe workplace environments by addressing all known hazards. However, many companies disregard these responsibilities, and many employees are injured on the job.

No changes made at company after permanent disability injury

All employees in Colorado and elsewhere who work in industrial facilities are at risk of suffering amputation injuries, regardless of what they manufacture. Those working around machines in the baking industry are as vulnerable as workers who make car parts, and permanent disability is often the result. These life-changing injuries are preventable, but non-compliance with federal safety regulations continue.