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Workplace Accidents Archives

Seeking financial relief when injured at work in Colorado

While certain jobs may be inherently more dangerous than others, there are certain risk factors that might be present regardless of profession. These risks pose a threat to the health of countless individuals in Colorado and across the country. Those who wish to avoid being injured at work might wonder what types of accidents are more common than others, and learn about ways to reduce or prevent them from taking place.

Assistance in pursuing compensation for occupational injuries

There are countless circumstances in which a work-related accident can occur. Whether on account of the negligence of an employee or employer in Colorado, defective equipment or simply just an accident, each incident has the potential to cause serious injury. Occupational injuries can be severe, though in certain scenarios they could be completely avoidable if the proper precautions are taken.

Workplace injury proves fatal for man who was ran over by a semi

Tractor-trailers offer a variety of benefits to Colorado companies that are required to transport heavy loads. While these vehicles significantly reduce the difficulty of moving materials from site to site, the inherent size and weight of a semi can also pose a risk to anyone nearby. A man was recently run over by a semi in another state while performing maintenance on the vehicle, ultimately resulting in a fatal workplace injury.

Demolition project employee suffers fatal workplace injury

Certain professions are inherently considered to be much more dangerous than others. Individuals in Colorado who work in fields such as demolition are often subjected to intense safety training to reduce the chance of a dangerous incident. Unfortunately, preventing every accident in the workplace can be challenging. A man in another state recently suffered a fatal workplace injury while operating at a demolition site.

Engineer suffers fatal workplace injury in boiler explosion

Working in close proximity to high pressure industrial machinery naturally involves a certain level of risk. Companies in Colorado and across the country are often required to have employees that are trained in the operation of similar machines nearby while they are in use. However, even with a worker present, an accident can still take place, which may result in a serious workplace injury.

Numerous causes of workplace injury in Colorado

Suffering an injury at work can have a significant impact on a person's life in various ways. Companies in Colorado have put a great deal of time and effort into reducing the risk of workplace injury. Employees should also place a high importance on following safety procedures, which can go a long way in protecting them from harm. Despite recent efforts, studies show that as many as 13 million workplace accidents take place across the country each year.

Man suffers fatal workplace injury in operational elevator shaft

Studies have shown that recent steps taken by companies to reduce injuries in the workplace have had results. Companies in Colorado continue to review safety regulations as they strive to prevent as many of these accidents as possible. The number of incidents has decreased dramatically in many different professions, but they still occur. A man in another state recently suffered a fatal workplace injury while working in an elevator shaft.

Weather possibly an issue re fatal workplace injury

Inclement weather can make a workplace much more dangerous. Companies in Colorado are required to train employees to operate within certain safety guidelines, but these may not always cover outside variables such as weather conditions. Awareness of the threat that weather can present may help to prevent workplace injury. A recent accident claimed the life of a 50-year-old man.

Threat of workplace injury leads to almost $200,000 fine

Any construction company in Colorado or other states must comply with federal safety regulations -- regardless of its size. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently fined a large corporation that has reportedly been involved in major projects for high profile businesses. The proposed penalties of almost $200,000 were for negligently exposing its workers to unsafe trenches that could cause severe workplace injury or worse. The agency investigated the athletic field contractors during the execution of a contract worth $5.89 million for the construction of sports facilities at a school in another state in June of last year.

Fatal workplace injury at demolition site leads to OSHA fines

Construction sites nationwide, including in Colorado, always pose numerous dangers, regardless of whether a building is going up or coming down. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently announced the completion of an investigation into a fatal workplace injury at a demolition site in another state. A 57-year-old employee lost his life on June 24.