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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Construction accident claims life of man crushed by counterweight

Construction workers in Colorado and across the country work in and around hazardous environments and equipment every day. With the presence of heavy machinery and materials, the risk of injury is ever-present should an accident occur. A 55-year-old man was killed in a recent construction accident in another state, after reportedly being crushed by a counterweight.

Hazardous equipment: Faulty elevator apparatus injures 5

In construction sites in Colorado and elsewhere, companies may employ temporary measures to transport workers and materials from floor to floor. While in many cases these are erected with utmost caution, should any issues arise, hazardous equipment can pose a serious threat to the health of a worker. A recent accident under similar circumstances at a construction site in another state has reportedly led to the injuries for five workers.

Man crushed by rock and building in fatal construction accident

A man has reportedly passed away at the construction site of a library that is undergoing renovation in another state. Construction workers in Colorado and elsewhere who operate on similar projects often face numerous hazards on the job, especially in the presence of heavy materials and machinery. Losing a loved one in a fatal construction accident is something no family should have to face, but unfortunately, many individuals have been left to grieve under similar circumstances throughout the years.

1 pinned under collapsed wall in recent construction accident

Construction companies in Colorado and across the country operate under a long list of regulations. Any violation can lead to disastrous consequences. These statutes are in place to increase worker safety and reduce the chances of a dangerous workplace incident. An investigation is currently underway to determine if there were any violations in relation to a recent construction accident in which a man became pinned under a collapsed wall.

Construction accident injures 3 after materials fall through roof

Although construction companies in Colorado and elsewhere may take certain precautions to ensure the safety of employees, it can be challenging to predict every potential hazard. With numerous crucial aspects to consider, such as weight limits concerning materials and maintenance of equipment, certain dangers may unfortunately be overlooked. A recent construction accident in another state has injured three individuals, two of which are reportedly in critical condition.

Man struck by ruptured valve in fatal construction accident

Construction companies in Colorado and across the country typically consider the safety of employees to be of the utmost importance. There are numerous laws and regulations in place to reduce the chances of a dangerous construction accident, many of which involve safety gear and procedures. Unfortunately, protecting an employee from other potential risks, such as defective or faulty equipment, could be significantly more challenging.

Construction accident involving partial collapse injures several

Part of a building that was under construction in another state recently collapsed while workers were on site. Around 20 workers reportedly fell from nearby scaffolding, and several of the workers were treated at a local hospital. A construction accident of this nature can be disastrous, and many workers in Colorado and across the country have suffered severe injuries or worse in similar incidents over the years.

1 injured, 1 dead after fall-related construction accident

With the ever-increasing number of buildings in many cities in Colorado and across the country, the amount of space to place others may be limited. Since space can be an issue, companies may choose to go higher instead of longer. Although advancements in structural integrity might make these building safe, the individuals who erect them are often required to operate at great heights in the process. A recent construction accident left one worker with serious injuries, while another lost his life, after a three-story fall.

Construction accident on site of new Facebook building injures 2

Individuals who are operating at the construction site of a new building may face various dangers while on the job. Workers in Colorado are generally required to follow safety procedures and use proper equipment to reduce the risk of a dangerous construction accident. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to account for every possible circumstance. Two men in another state recently suffered injuries while performing construction on a new Facebook building.

Man listed in critical condition following construction accident

Many construction companies across the country frequently use heavy machinery for assistance in performing numerous tasks. Machines such as a boom lift make it easier for workers in Colorado to perform tasks at various heights. However, these machines do involve a certain level of risk, often depending on the maintenance of the machine and the stability of the surrounding area. A recent construction accident involving a lift left a man in another state in critical condition.